What Do We Tell Death?

Let’s face the facts, we’re all going to die… I’m not trying to be morbid here- it’s just gonna happen to you eventually whether you like it or not. Or as Steve Jobs once said, “No one’s escaped it yet”. He should know.

Perhaps I am a morbid person, but I find contemplating the frailty of my own existence quite positive. It focuses my mind on making my life matter and doing the thing that bring me pleasure and joy: music, friends, food, traveling the world and drinking red wine. Instead of waiting for a pie in the sky somewhere else when I kick the bucket, I’d rather do something passionate with my life. I simply cannot take that chance that it was all in vain. Doing a job I hate, being bored, living like a hamster in a little wheel for no reason- it’s all bullshit, my friend.

I’ve included some screenshots here of the painting The Triumph of Death by medieval artist Pieter Bruegel, they’re pretty creepy. But then again, people living in those times only lived to be about 35. Death was always a sneeze away and life was indeed nasty, brutish and short. You might see dead bodies out in the street as a common sight. Compared to our own modern lives, we’re actually not reminded of our own mortality very often. I think I’d rather prefer to scare whoever’s reading this- perhaps it’ll light the proverbial fire under their ass.

Death, however, is a great egalitarian. Neither your wealth nor status, age, skin color, sexuality, religion or country will spare you in the end. Even the King is going down in this one: one skeleton holds an hourglass over him, the sands quickly running out, while another steals from his barrels of gold coins.

I always liked Arya’s fencing teaching in Game of Thrones, Syria Forel, instilling in her his philosophy on Religion: “There is only one God- and his name is Death.”

So maybe Death is just God in disguise… Or God is just Death and nothing more. You can say all you want about religion, but some have argued all religions were created simply out of human beings’ fear of The End. There’s got be some meaning, right? Right? And if not, you better live it up while you still have some breath in your lungs. I say Death is a God worth praying to- it scares me and motivates me at the same time. If this life is all we have, then I don’t want to be complacent and waste my time here, nor have the easy answers handed to me on a platter. So, how will you make the most of your life? I suppose that question is very personal, and varies from individual to individual.

But whatever it is YOU decide to do in this lifetime- Make It Count…

3 thoughts on “What Do We Tell Death?

  1. o dear death … we can see u in the bushes but maybe if u could stop singing out our names we would not ditch u so often.

  2. Memento morí!. this blog reminded me of the film “the fight club” – we live and act more fully if we know our time is limited. I also think about death and how and what I want to accomplish in this,life before I go! That’s just been forward thinking, not morbid! 🙂

    • Post Author Greg Goldblatt

      Thanks for not finding these thoughts morbid, ha ha ha. I think its important to face the “big questions” head on rather than just pretend they don’t exist- then at 80 years old feeling regretful for what you didn’t do! I should re-watch Fight Club again, I remember there was a lot of great dialogue in it that’s worth revisiting. That could make another thought-provoking blog post…

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